South Carolina Traffic and DUI Legislation Update for 2018


What Changes May Be Coming in 2018 for South Carolina Drivers?

The South Carolina Legislature changes and modifying traffic laws almost every year. For over 25 years Cole Law Firm provides input in the drafting and passage of traffic law legislation.

Your representatives are already beginning to pre-file bills for the 2018 Legislative Session and we’d like to hear from you about suggestions on updating the traffic laws.

Already it appears a few issues will be taken up:

  • Interlock Ignition for Driving Under the Influence – In South Carolina drivers who are convicted of DUI 1st Offense with a Blood Alcohol Content of over a .15 are required to enroll in the interlock ignition program. It appears that ┬áthis will apply to all drivers convicted of DUI in the near future. This will be a major consequence for Driving Under the Influence but the IID provides a method for drivers to still commute to their jobs and school.


  • SR-22 Insurance – There is a move to abolish the SR-22 filing fee. There is technically no such “SR-22 Insurance Coverage”, but most insurance companies will drastically increase your premiums to file for this filing fee.

These are some of the major changes in the legislation in South Carolina. Remember that the State Government represents ALL OF US and YOU have a right to be heard. Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page about what changes you would like to see!