What You Need to Ask a DUI Lawyer

– How long has he/she been practicing and handling DUI’s?
– What percentage of his/her practice is DUI defense?
– Not how many DUI’s has he/she represented but how may has he/she tried?
– Is he/she trained by the NHTSA course of Field Sobriety Testing (FST)?
– Does he/she own a DataMaster machine?  (The machine used by law enforcement in South Carolina to measure alcohol in one’s breath.)
– Is he/she trained on the DataMaster?
– How many books has he/she published on the subject?
– How many articles has he/she published on the subject?
– How many seminars has he/she taught on the subject?
– How many people has he/she taught in their career?
– How much time will he/she put into your case?
– What is his/her Martindale Hubbell rating? AVVO – what do his/her clients say about their representation?
– Does he/she have any law enforcement experience?
– Is he/she a founding member of the National College for DUI Defense?
– Is he/she routinely interviewed by elements of the news media for opinions on DUI legislation and laws?
– And last, but not least, did he/she help write the law?

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