Broad Strokes: DUI Law Overview from Experienced Greenville and Anderson Criminal Defense Attorneys


A DUI arrest is a serious criminal charge, and you’ll need experienced criminal defense attorneys.

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DUI Arrest Requirements

Here is a very broad overview of some of the requirements of a DUI arrest;

Road-Side Video – South Carolina law requires that all DUI arrests be video-recorded. The purpose of the law is the help the jury; because an in-car video from a DUI arrest provides objective evidence of intoxication. Any standard field sobriety tests must be video recorded. Each attorney at Cole Law Firm is trained in the administration of standard field sobriety tests. It’s important that your criminal defense attorney know how to administer field sobriety tests because if the test is incorrectly administered, it could lead to a false positive.


Exceptions to Road-Side Video: South Carolina law excepts the video requirement in certain cases. These exceptions have been established by Statute and Case Law. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys study and monitor these exceptions closely to make sure the client’s rights are protected.


DataMaster Room Video – Once taken to the jail, the officer will record the administration of Datamaster breath device. South Carolina DUI law requires a protocol to be followed. Here at Cole Law Firm, we’ve developed a checklist to make sure the officer follows protocol and that the client’s rights under the law are protected. Each of our attorneys and staff are trained in the theory and operation of the Datamaster machine. To effectively cross-examine an officer about faulty breath tests your attorney must know how the machine works!

Consequences of DUI Conviction

Simply being CHARGED (not convicted) of DUI can have major consequences! If a client refuses to blow or blows above a.14 BAC their license may be suspended. Furthermore, they may be required to place an interlock-ignition tube on their vehicle. And that’s before the criminal charge is even resolved.


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Next week we’ll discuss the difference between an administrative suspension and a criminal conviction. See y’all then!

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